Is a Boston Terrier a Good Apartment Pet?


The Boston terrier’s nickname is “the American Gentleman,” and it’s not just for their black-and-white, tuxedo-like coats. They are also polite as a dog can be, and therefore ideal apartment pets.

They’re quiet, so they won’t annoy your neighbors, and they bond closely with their owners, showing undying affection and loyalty. They’re also conveniently small, and require only moderate amounts of exercise. Brisk city walks should be enough; no sprawling backyards necessary.

Boston Terriers are low maintenance. You can crate train or pad train them. They are easy to train. They don’t need much exercise. They love toys to entertain themselves when left alone.

a-home-without-a-boston-terrierThe Boston Terrier is a gentle breed that typically has a strong, happy-go-lucky, and friendly personality with a wonderful sense of humor. Bostons are generally eager to please their owner and can be easily trained. They can be very protective of their owners, which may result in aggressive and territorial behavior toward other pets and strangers – just something to keep in mind.

With a patient owner and the proper training, Boston Terriers are great dogs for apartments. They’re loyal companions, friendly, manageable and attractive. Because of their disposition and appearance, they can be a great conversation starter when they encounter new people. They do well around both people and other pets. With the above points in mind, you may decide that an “American gentleman” is the right pet for you.



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