Boston Terriers vs French Bulldogs – What Is the Difference?


Boston terriers and French bulldogs are dog breeds that might look similar in their general appearance because they are almost the same size but they are two completely different breeds of dogs. Can YOU tell the difference between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier?

One issue that stumps even the best of enthusiastic dog owners is how to tell the difference between the two breeds, which are ostensibly very similar if you don’t know what you are looking for! There are a fairly wide range of surface similarities between the two breeds, which is partially because they share a common ancestor in the English bulldog, but once you compare the two breeds side by side, you should be able to get a handle on identifying the difference between the two without any problems!

Boston Terriers are one of the closest looking breeds to the French Bulldog. Especially Brindle Pied French Bulldogs which often have the same markings as the Boston Terrier. With the large number of people breeding mixes, it is especially hard telling the difference since Boston/Frenchie mixes are quite common.

Boston terriers tend to be rather taller and more finely built than French bulldogs, which are stockier with shorter, more muscular legs and an overall squarer appearance. The French bulldog can weigh up to 28lb as part of the breed standard, while the Boston terrier’s weight range varies between 15-25lb.

Keys to telling the difference:

A French Bulldog ear is round at the tip and the entire ear has thicker cartilage keeping it erect even while running. Boston Terrier ears are thinner causing them to flop as they play and run and many Bostons have ears where the very tip flops over a little. A Boston’s ear is usually not round at the tip, but more of a point. A Frenchie ear should never point, unless damaged or cruelly cropped. Boston Terriers are also finer boned than Frenchies. The paws are smaller and feminine looking compared to a Frenchie.

Looking at the head of the two dogs, the French bulldog has long, erect “bat’s ears,” while the Boston terrier has smaller, more compact ears that tend to sit close to the head.

Both breeds of dog have a short, single layered smooth coat, but the French bulldog has looser, more wrinkled skin like other bulldog breeds, while the Boston terrier has smooth, unwrinkled skin.

The core differences that you will spot between the two breeds at a glance are that the Boston terrier will be taller, leggier and lighter in build, with shorter ears. The French bulldog is more muscular and square-looking, with large, pointed ears.

The Boston terrier and the French bulldog have a common ancestor, the English Bulldog. The two breeds have the pug face of the English bulldog with the typical large and square head shaped.

The two breeds cannot live outdoors all the time. Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs don’t tolerate extreme weather. They don’t tolerate extremely cold weather because of their short coat. They don’t tolerate extremely hot weather due to their shortened muzzle.

Both breed only needs a minimal grooming. Both breed don’t bark a lot. They generally only bark when necessary.