6 Dangerous Dog Food Ingredients

There are 6 signs that the dog food you are feeding your Boston Terrier might be bad for them. Do you know what they are?

We found this helpful post that shared this graphic illustrating 6 things you do NOT want to see in the dog food you serve your babies.



Found in cheap dog food, the AAFCO allows the following ingredients, which are nutritionally useless, but used as “FILLERS”

BEET PULP: Dried residue from sugar beets are allowed to be included in the fiber category of pet food, but in actuality it adds unneeded and unhealthy sugar.
SOYBEAN MEAL: This is from grinding the flakes that remain after using a solvent extract to remove most of the oil from soybeans.
TOMATO POMACE: Leftovers from tomato processing (skins, seeds or pulp). Used as a filler, but promoted as a source of fiber. Since it is not a “main ingredient” it is not considered harmful but it doesn’t provide any real nutritional benefits either.
PEA PROTEIN, PEA STARCH and/or PEA FIBER: Used as a filler in low grade pet food. No know nutritional value.
SUGAR FOODS BY-PRODUCTS: Created from grinding and mixing inedible portions derived from the preparation of sugar based food products such as candy, dried gelatin mixes and other powdered sugary food products. Sugar is used solely to add sweetness to make them more palatable. It covers up a lot of the spoiled flavors and garbage tastes.
OTHER: Called fiber by the manufacturers, but just empty fillers such as, ground peanut shells, cottonseed hulls,straw ,crushed corncobs, weeds and feathers.