Best Food For Boston Terrier Puppies?


Do you have a Boston Terrier? If so, a reader needs your help!

One of our Facebook Page followers, Susan, recently asked:

What is the best food for boston terrier puppies?

Do YOU have any advice for Susan?

What is your personal opinion based on your experience for the following?

Best dry food for Boston Terrier puppies?

Best Canned food?

Do you prefer specialty dog food for your Boston Terrier or have you had good results with inexpensive dog food from a grocery store?

What about table scraps? Do you feed your Boston from the table?

What about treats? If you allow your Boston Terrier to eat dog treats, what kind to you give him/her?

Any extra advice for someone feeding their new Boston Terrier puppy?

Any and all advice is appreciated – leave your thoughts in the comments below or on the related post on our Boston Terrier World Facebook Page here.