Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids?

Boston Terrier puppy and little girl - sweet pictureOne of the biggest questions we get here at Boston Terrier World is if Boston Terriers are good dogs to have when you also have children.

Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Kids?

Is a Boston Terrier puppy the RIGHT choice when you have small children?

When you have children – especially small children, you want to be sure to choose a puppy breed that is not just good with children, but GREAT with kids… right?

So let’s talk about whether Bostons make good family dogs.

Boston Terriers:  Good dogs with kids?  Yes or No?

Boston terriers puppies and kids go together perfectly. Kids love the silliness of Boston terrier puppies. The way Bostons run around and play with toys is constant entertainment for kids. The short muzzles and big ears on Boston terrier puppies make them absolutely adorable. Their big black eyes look like shiny marbles. Their little faces are so expressive that kids are often quite sure that Bostons feel every emotion they do. Boston terrier puppies and children always fall in love with each other. Boston breeders will tell you how great Bostons are with children.

Are Boston Terrier Puppies Good With Kids?  Here

If you want to see how playful and silly these dogs are, watch the following Boston Terrier video from YouTube. The Boston Terrier puppy is sneaking up on a butterfly sitting on the grass. After sneaking up to the butterfly from several directions, the Boston turns to go and then runs back to bark at it like it’s the most exciting thing ever.

Another great video shows a litter of Boston terrier puppies all jumping up on the baby gate as if to say to the person there “pick me, pick me.”

If you decide to get a Boston for your children, bring them along with you to the Boston terrier breeder. If you want to get some cute photos, get each of your kids a Boston terrier shirt to wear when you go to pick out your puppy. Your kids will love helping to choose among the Boston terrier puppies.

Two Boston Terriers with a toddler - great dogs with kids!Bostons are gentle and very trainable, which is important for a family dog. Training classes are a great way to train your puppy. If your kids are over five, bring them to the training class so they can learn about training methods. Your children will really enjoy watching your puppy playing with the other puppies during class breaks.

Children can easily walk Boston terriers around the neighborhood or park. They are very good on the leash. Everyone stops to say hello to a Boston terrier because they look so jolly as they prance along. Your children will be so proud to tell everyone you meet about your Boston. It’s a great experience for children to walk a Boston.

Kids are delighted by the antics of Boston Terrier puppies. It’s also a lot of fun for kids to throw balls that their Bostons will chase. Bostons love to run through play tunnels, and children will crawl right through after them. Boston terriers are great dogs for children. source

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